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Labradoodle Puppies - Socialisation and Training

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We have already said that Labradoodles have a special ‘affinity’ with children. However we would issue a word of caution for inexperienced dog owners with children under the age of five. Like all puppies, they love to play but their play can be very boisterous and sometimes a little overpowering for a toddler who is still finding his feet. Most puppy/dog owners realise that what looks like a fun play session can become rougher than wished if left unsupervised. However, puppies brought up responsibly with children where they are both taught the boundaries often become inseparable.

Being such sociable dogs they need lots of interaction and stimulation or become bored and unhappy. They should not be expected to remain on their own for long periods on a regular basis because they are ‘companion’ dogs and enjoy doing what we do and as far as possible going where we go. They are not part-time pets.

Your puppy would certainly enjoy training and socialisation classes. These days many vet practices run their own or can provide a list of those in the local area.

Our puppies are born and reared in the house so that in time they become used to seeing our other dogs around as well as the cats. They get used to our visiting family including the younger generation and are well handled by ourselves from 2 weeks onwards. Later they benefit from individual time with us to enable them to develop their characters and prepare them for leaving the litter, as well as short journeys in the car. From birth they are exposed to all the noises associated with normal household activities.

Labradoodle Puppies - Homing

Our ultimate priority is to place our puppies in a happy, secure and permanent household. We do operate a home selection system based on our own criteria and ask a lot of questions! We start with one of our enquiry questionnaires which we follow up with telephone conversations. If based on these contacts both you and we are happy to proceed we will make a firm booking for you on receipt of a deposit. However if at any time we discover that the prospective owners have deliberately been untruthful in the hope of meeting our homing criteria we reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement to sell at any time and we will refund the deposit. The deposit is also refundable if the prospective owners decide after visiting to see the puppies at 6 weeks of age that they are unhappy with the puppies available to them.

The puppies are usually ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks providing we are sure that the new owners are well prepared. They are wormed fortnightly from 2 weeks and flea treated before they leave us. They are vet checked at the time of the first vaccination at 8 weeks and micro-chipped. The puppy’s health records are presented to new owners in a comprehensive documents folder which also contains a pedigree certificate, copies of the parents health screening certificates, details of Insurance cover (Petplan 4 weeks) and our own ‘Guidance Notes’ based on our knowledge and experience of rearing puppies to adulthood. We also have a Contract of Sale which we ask our new owners to sign when collecting their puppy to protect their interests as well as those of the puppy.

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